The Faces of a Sales Manager
Teacher: Landie Stevens
Released: May 20, 2020
Level: Intermediate
Certificate: Finish lessons, plus pass quizzes with an average of 70%
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Chapter 2: The true face of motivation
Chapter 2 The Face Of True Motivation
Chapter 3: the face of a great sales manager
Chapter 3 The Face Of A Great Sales Manager
Chapter 4: Strategy
Chapter 4 Identifying And Executing Your Strategy
Chapter 5: coach vs manager
Chapter 5 The Face Of A Coach Vs The Face Of A Sales Manager
Chapter 6: Effective sales manager
Chapter 6 The Key To Effective Management
Chapter 7: Incentives
Chapter 7 Incentivising And Managing The Face Of Success
Chapter 8: Chapter up an down
Chapter 8 The Key To Effective Management
Chapter 9: Effective online managing