Faces of a Sales Manager Mini Course 2

Are you an up and coming Salesperson ready to take on the role of managing a team OR a seasoned Sales Manager in need of some fresh insight, direction and tools. Alternatively you could be a Senior Manager, managing a group of Sales Managers and you have utilized all avenues to keep them motivated, on target and have shared all your experience and knowledge and need something new and fresh?

Then this is the course for you.
  • Why is this for me?

    Because a fresh outlook, a new spin on things hearing real, personal experiences can unlock what you were missing or give you the tools to reach a new level. Almost shake off the cobwebs and bring back to life what was dormant. During this course Faces of a Sales Manager I will be taking you through some key topics that I have personally managed through, coached, and trained on in the last 27 years. The course will be a combination of theory and personal real stories of how I failed and overcame obstacles, how I dealt with some difficult situations and how I now help a whole range of organisations in multiple industries overcome these very same obstacles. So, whether you are a start-up, or a massive blue chip the shared tools & methodologies will add value to whatever season you are in now. The reason why I named the course “The faces of a Sales Manager” is because as a Manager of people you face many situations daily and while facing them you need to portray a specific face. I hope to bring some clarity to know which face to wear where when, almost give you a cheat sheet on how to know what works.

  • What are the topics addressed in this course?
  • What does this course offer?
  • The face of a Coach vs the face of a Sales Manager  

    1. What does the face of a Coach look like? 
    2. Doing what is right regardless of the consequences 
    3. Understanding and developing the “Game Play” 
    4. Reading and allowing your team to shine 
    5. The roles and responsibilities of a Manager and a Coach 
    6. Application & Execution: Effectively switching between managing and coaching 
  • The Key to effective Sales Management

    1. Why should we measure results? 
    2. Setting a mandate 
    3. Digging accurately into history 
    4. If it’s not about the revenue number, then what is it? 
    5. What should we measure? 
    6. The KPI process 
    7. Application & Execution: Sales is more than a numbers game!